Paper-based archive massive digitalisation

This utility is aimed to companies Database or professional firms, library, banks or Public Authorities requiring a massive digitalisation of their Current, Deposit or Historic data- storage.

To digitalise paper-based files allows to keep continuity between past and present Companies' history , and to preserve their historical memory.

Digiwebuno provides optics data-capture trough best scanning devices operating in the marketplace, granting review's processes and a  consolidated Data verification from our team operators.

Documents images are enhanced with an indexed data- set as determined with costumer.

At last, format .pdf files accompanied by their search index, are published on DMS hub, our web based software for digital data management and consulting.

Digitalising your paper-based database can bring you advantages ! Here are some:
  • Converting company's space for data storage in a maximized working area

  • Obtain quick and safe access to your database, no matter which part of the world you are! You just need an Internet connection

  • Save time searching for a file

  • Easy-to-share files into and out the Company

  • Increase security and privacy. Only authorised and certified personnel can access to data storage or a single file.

  • Save money on documents duplicating.

  • Protect paper-files from damages due to time

  • Retain your database in a completely safe virtual space and always at your fingertips

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