Leggally compliant AgID archiving

Digital storage of documents is a process regulated by Digital Administration Code, which ensures integrity, authenticity, transparency and availability of digital documents.

Choose Digiwebuno and discover all benefits about our digital storage solution fitting your necessities, safe, complete and on Licensed AgID hub.

Conservazione digitale a norma

Digital storage in compliance with law

Our Licensed Digital Storage Utility.

Digiwebuno propose a solution able to handle with the whole digital storage process, in accordance with the current legislation.

We followed this standards in our digital storage system :

  • OAIS: ISO 14721 Open Archival Information System

  • Dublin Core: ISO 15386 The metadata element set

  • UniSInCRO: UNI 11386 Operability Supporting on Storage and collection of digital Objects

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2005: Managing System of Information Security

  • Licensed AgID hub

  • High-guaranteed quality and Data security

  • Long-lasting Legal and fiscal validity of documents

  • GDPR oriented

consolidamento probatorio pec

Probatory Consolidation @PEC

Consolidation Probatory of PEC mailbox utility is provided to self-employed specialists, Companies and Public Authorities, ensuring a long-lasting legal validity of incoming or outgoing messages on PEC . This mail is full-fledged digital documentation, therefore it has legal value as a registered mail, thanks to digital signature marked from Certification Authority.

What about Administration Digital Code ?

(CAD, Dlgs 82/2005): "PEC messages must to be collected on a digital storage system in line with legislation, in order to be enforceable to third parts"