Fuel e-invoicing

  • Invoicing from workstation or mobile

    Invoicing promptly on-site through dedicated app, available on any mobile device
    Invoicing from workstation (desktop)
    Direct invoicing or summary
    Invoicing "Served" refuelling
    Invoicing "Self Service" refuelling with no changes on your system
    Invoicing no fuel goods (different items from fuel)

  • Built-in digital storage in compliance with law

    Incoming and outgoing invoices are automatically collected in compliance with current legislation throughout the period required by law

  • E-invoices Receiving

    Incoming invoices are immediately displayed inside the hub
    No need to use PEC
    No extra charge for notification service

  • Customers and suppliers databases management

    Reading QR code to immediately capture Customer's informations
    Direct searching of pre-existent customers and suppliers on database

  • Product list management

    Unlimited products management
    Easy lists updating

2018 budget Law  (2017, December 27 , n. 205), requires electronic invoicing to fuel dealers (gas station owners) who possess a VAT number

Fuel e-invoicing is the specific solution for gas stations!