Digital Human Interface

Your customers will not waste useless time looking for the information they want among the many pages of your website, but they will just have to ask for the product or service they need directly from your Virtual Assistant, whose humanoid features will allow them to live digitally a customer experience as in reality.

This is possible thanks to the Artificial Intelligence technologies that make up Algho's Artificial Humans, fully customizable, capable of embodying your brand in its entirety.

In addition to providing assistance and sales support information 24 hours a day, Virtual Assistants are able to guarantee more specific services, such as booking an appointment, opening a support ticket or making fast and secure payments.

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The more they interact with users, the more the reliability of the answers provided increases because they are able to learn continuously and automatically.

Furthermore, the Virtual Assistants are able to customize the dialogue: taking into account the mood and needs of your users, they modulate their tone of voice, movements and expressions to create a relationship that is as empathetic as possible.

Aware that today what makes the difference is to stand out with a reliable, innovative and memorable service, we have decided to undertake a partnership with QuestIT, to increase our customers' business through truly performing Artificial Intelligence solutions.