Archival consulting

Application fields and interest goes to current archive to historic archive, up to storage archives. Further more, team is able to operate on any kind of archival typologies, traditional or digital one, with a focus on hybrid storage harmonization.

We enable you to transfer your archive on our long-term conservation site, always safe and  available to you 

Thanks to archivists and developers support, Digiwebuno is able to provide asssitance about :

  • Administrative and archival law

  • Archive reorganization at the Customer's headquartes

  • Archive relocations

  • Design storage workplace

  • Database management and WorkFlow tools

  • Digitalization and dematerialization

  • Photographic, technical, iconographical, audio and video background management

Currents archives:

We define and project tools and methods able to create a proper archive structure management, in order to provide a quick and pertinent searching of documents. Documental workflow planning  and digitalization of current archive on a brand-new storage system.

Storage archives:

All documentary footage that is currently unused, is still legally and operationally relevant. We operate in this context in order to ensure: a proper conservation for paper-formed files; a logical storage management, respecting documents life-cycle; a quick finding of singles documentary unit with IT tools aid (topographical lists and statistical reports ready to consult); wasted paper disposal facilities; data provisioning to State's Archive.


A storage site of documentary record, together with topographical softwares to analytically manage your datastore.

Historic Archive:

Historic archival collection processing, inventory drafting and consulting for a proper storage (in compliance with the legislation  and guidelines on archive-keeping).

Company Heritage:

This is designed for companies willing to promote and communicate their self-identity and history. We provide consulting in filing, reorganisation and footage selection (text, images, documents, audio, advertising campaign), according to pre-estabilished goals.  A renovation can be included , if needed, before digitalisation processes.

Consulting on traditional and multimedia communication , as  company monography, and exhibitions setting-up, expositions or museum spaces even over  company occurences.