Document Management

Pushing the limit of traditional outsourcing, turning back-office activities in main business core.

Documental management systems provide an integrated administration of all business data through a single tool.

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Document Management System – DMS

Data management systems allow an integrated administration of all business data through a single tool.

DMS systems provide:

  • Rational database mapping, easy-to-use

  • Logical documental matching

  • Data sharing between multiple users on a single hub

  • Profiling of authorised users to log-in to specific areas or particular documental classes

  • Cutting down management costs

Reachable strategic goals :

Cutting down:
  • Distribution and copying costs of documents throughout the company

  • Purchasing cost of paper-sheets and toner

  • Indirect costs concerning data searching and storage

  • Inefficiency related to failures or document loss

  • Business data checking

  • Informations upgrading

  • Information and data sharing between users

  • Profiling of log-in users to business data

  • Permits setting of every single user

  • Permits setting for folders access and single document

Protocollo Informatico

IT Protocol

Current legislation, D.lgs. March 7, 2005, n. 82 – Digital Administration Code (CAD) and DPCM 12/3/2013 – “Technical guidelines fot Informatic Protocol", requires Public Authorities using a Digital Protocol.

Digiwebuno's solution, in accordance with current law, provides a simplified data processing:

it's easy, safe and efficient, perfectly integrated with storage service system as required by law .

Our solution also provide a day-to-day automatically create Daily Protocol record , as required in DPCM December 3, 2013.

Custodia e gestione archivi cartacei

Paper-based archives management and keeping

Physical archiving of documents is a comprehensive tool full outosurcing-based, ensuring all necessary activities to a proper management and retention of Customer's documental asset.

What service is about?

Physical archiving is made up by the following activities:

  • Picking-up, cataloguing

  • Classification

  • Paper-based authentic documents collection

  • Dropping-off requested document by costumer for consulting

  • State'Archives Deposit

  • Selection and rejection of data