Signing tools

Dematerialisation of documental processes needs an appropriate signature system.

Digiwebuno,  cooperating  with  major  Italian  Certification  Authority ,  is  able  to  support  their customers on  choosing the  best  digital  signature  most  suitable  for them.

Digiwebuno is a Local Registration Center of Certification Autority ARUBA Pec S.p.A.

You'll immediately get your digital signature near your Company. You won't need to validate it through a Public officer or make any Subscriber Signature face-to-face recognition. Our Registration Operator (ODR) will come at your office to make face recognition, required for Signature Certificate obtaining.

Firma digitale remota

Remote digital signature

"Remote Signature" means a digital signature utility made through signature certificates hosted by a remote server included in a Hardware Cryptographic Device (HSM).

Signature "Private Key" is not on a user's local device, like a smartcard or a usb token, but is located on a safe remote server , ensuring more flexibility and  even a mobility use.

Firma digitale automatica

Automatic digital signature

"Automatic digital signature" means a digital signature utility , massively applied on a high volume of files, through signature certificates hoted by a remote server, processed by a Hardware Cryptographic Device (HSM)

Marca temporale

Time Stamp

Digital Time Validation, in accordance with Art. 20 paragraph 3 of Digital Administration Code Dlgs 82/2005, allows to assign a lawful assured date/time -enforceable to third parts- to a digital document.

Time stamp of a digital document is about a digital signature's creation on a file, on which a certain date/time information is combined, from a Certification Authority (Time Stamping Authority - TSA)

In accordance with the current legislation, marking a time stamp on a digital document makes this one totally lawful and enforceable to third parts.

Time stamp includes :

  • TSA ID

  • Document print

  • Creation Date/time

  • TSA Digital signature

  • Associated informations

Data certa

Certified Date

Digital Certified Date assures a probatory security of a digital document, combining a double guarantee: a certified time stamp marking by date and time and the integrity of the stamped object, thereafter in time.

Our utility enables you to be in line with civic guidelines on papertrail, art. 2702 and 2704 Civil Code, which requires their certain validity in a specified time (or their existance before a specific event) in order to be enforceable to third parts.

This service provides a double guarantee for documents:

  • Certified existence in a specified date and time enforceable to third parts

  • Certified authentication, integrity, reliability, accessible over time thanks to document saving in our data storage