Cyber Security
A security suite for your data

Today we enhance our solutions for data protection with new highly reliable services, in order to offer our customers increasingly better protection. For this purpose, we chose the best in Italian cyber security, becoming Selected Partners with Yoroi and Cybaze Group.

What we can do to protect your company at best:

  • Managed Advanced Threat Protection (MATP)

    MATP is based on a team of analysts that will supervise and detect all kinds of security related events, with the help of specific devices installed at users’ locations, and will intervene properly and in line with the security policies agreed upon with our Customers.

  • Security Infrastructure Assessment (SIA)

    Integrity test for the Company’s own default perimeter defense, in order to verify its efficiency and ability to block malware breaches, for internal-external host paths and vice versa.

  • Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

    In-depth analysis of host security (Server or PC), in order to verify its integrity and solidity in terms of updates, patches and installed defensive schemes, to guarantee security and operational continuity.

  • Penetration Testing (PT)

    In-depth analysis of the Apps in order to verify their integrity and the potential weakness against malwares.

  • Wi-Fi Infrastructure Assessment

    In-depth analysis of the Company’s wi-fi network security, through on-site operators and specific testings of potential weaknesses, including ‘Fake A/P’ etc.

  • SCADA Security

    Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) extends the level of security of traditional clients to all networks that control the production line.

  • DNS Defense

    A specific security system based on preemptive DNS analysis, in order to avoid most number of threats and to block access from bad sources on the Internet.

  • E-Mail protection

    Verifies the security of all messages marked as safe by default anti-spam modules in use by the customer.