Outsourcing of Pension funds paperworks management

Digiwebuno is the ideal business partner to be entrusted for full operational management of Pension Funds paperworks.

Thanks to our ten-year experience in this field, we are able to offer highly qualified services of Business Process Outsourcing, tailored around all digital and physical documentation management, form reception to full procedure.

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What we can do to support your business at best:

  • Multi-channel hub for all the requests from Pension Funds’ subscribers (Registered post, email, PEC)

  • Classification of the requests by typology (subscription forms, retainers, partial/full cash-outs)

  • Paper documents scan

  • Data entry

  • Updating of subscriber’s registry

  • Uploading of workflows on Customers own digital platforms or any specific platform supplied by Digiwebuno

  • Request digital elaboration

  • Request fulfillment and final closure