Certified paper-based documents distruction
and Media storage

Not only Privacy: Best solution for distruction and safe disposal of every-day office papers, that are not meant to be stored. 

Destroy documents and personal data supports is required by law. Further more, it becomes a necessity to protect companies from industrial espionage and identity theft, in order to safeguard corporate policy data.

Current european law concerning Data Protection impose a safe documents distrucion and permanent deletion of data on digital media (Hard Disk, DVD, CD, Pen Drive, etc) containing confidential information, at the end of the retention of data required or for the ordinary discard processes.

Digiwebuno's solution is composed by a quick, safe and affordable service.

We certify distruction process, discharging companies from civil and penal liability, laid down in European Regulation for Data Protection (GDPR)

Our service includes :
  • Documentation collection

  • Distruction - Issued Certificate

  • Paper Disposing

Digiwebuno ensures documents distruction, together with all media storage containing confidential and policy  information.


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