EasyMulte  is a complete, secure and reliable facility focused on Car rental Companies and Business managing  with small or bigger Fleet, that FACILITATE fine processing.

EasyMulte is a Digiwebuno Srl's trademark.

EasyMulte is:

  • Easy

    User friendly web interface, our strengths are usability and easiness.

  • Manageable

    You'll always be in control of every working step, thanks to detail reporting activities and customized utilities.

  • Scalable

    It grows up with you, offering custom-built facilities, satisfying your demands.

  • Safe

    Monitored cloud with safety procedures as back up and disaster recovery, to always keep your data safe.

  • Relaxing

    It takes care of every step of fines' processing; fixed cost, support and focused consulting on technical and managing demands.

Do not wait anymore, choose EasyMulte!